Artist Bio

As a visual artist for many years, I have always integrated notions and techniques of textile art in my work. But it is only when I went back to school at Concordia University to complete a BFA that I fell in  love with textile art. I am currently completing my BFA in Fibres and material practices and I am exploring this fascinating universe that allows me to really have an artistic practice more focused on my life values such as the importance of protecting our environment.

Artist Statement

Transmission is an exploration of the concept of intergenerational inheritance. That which is consciously and unconsciously transmitted to us through doing, seeing, being. To do this I worked with clothing, garments and materials that belonged to my maternal grandmother, my mother, my daughter and myself to create four distinct artworks, one per person. Through the choice of fabrics, laces and other trimmings, I created a conscious and physical connection between each of us. In the desire to create in an ecological way and for a healing process, I used medicinal plants associated with women's health for the dyes. And with the same intention of healing and connection, I added the embroidery stitches with threads that belonged to my grandmother. A work of introspection, of reflection that is good for the soul.