Artist Bio

I have worked as a multidisciplinary artist since the early eighties. I have always felt more choice in tools gives a wider visual vocabulary, from acrylic to encaustic, oils, printmaking, and more. Graphic design in publishing and framing are also tandem trades, and I’m now also creating simple cottage oriented new/partially rescued & rebuilt wood furniture with drftwood or beaver stick accents that incorporate acrylic landscapes. My work centres around the natural spaces around Montreal and surrounding regions, we need to protect what we have in this time where green spaces are seen as a commodity.

I was lucky to study at Concordia University in Montreal in the print studios over 5 years - serigraphy, litho, intaglio (etching on copper) and photogravure, and have begun working on aluminium etchings - a less toxic process that is feasable in a small working space. Corner Studio is built around it, where I can create work that relates to our natural spaces in our region in print and in paint.

Corner Studio grew out of the pandemic, combining graphic design and publishing as well as visual arts. Through books and art, we can share the world, and be active in
creating a greener planet.